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Fermentation Kits and accessories

Complete Fermentation kits and accessories for making your own
Probiotic Fermented drinks and Probiotic Fermented Vegetables.


Fermentation Workshops

Click here for details and bookings for our next  fermentation workshop on Saturday the 10th of February. "Pro-biotic Fermented drinks' is the focus for the day from 9am-3pm and "Fermenting Veggies for better health' in the afternoon on March 17th from 1:30pm to 4pm.

Spaces are limited so book your place here now.

Fermentation workshops

Ready to drink Kombucha, Ginger Beer and Tibicos

Click here for our unique range of healthy, probiotic beverages fermented with natural probiotic cultures right here in NZ.

Live, raw, made fresh every week and shipped to your door.

4 Flavours of Kombucha

3 flavours of NZs only probiotic Ginger Beer

Coconut tibicos (Water Kefir)

Range of Kombucha and Ginger beer

 Fermentation workshops

Click here to book your place...

So which shops stock our products - where can you get them?

Apart from the aforementioned evening and Saturday markets,

you can currently find our drinks at:
Wild earth organics Tauranga


Wild earth Organics

777 Cameron road,


Papamoa Bin Inn

Fashion Island
30F Gravitt Road


 Flaveur Breads  

31 Totara Street,
Mount Maunganui

Plum Organics

Fashion Island, Gravatt road,

Giovanni's Restaurant and Pizzeria

346 Te Ngae Road

Capers Cafe Palmerston North

Capers Cafe

272 Broadway Ave
Palmerston North
Healthy Thymes cafe and health shop

Healthy Thymes

106 The Runway, The Landing

Nourish Cafe

Cnr of Te Puna Rd & SH2,
Te Puna

Watch this space as we up production to go into more shops :o)

In the meantime if you are interested in stocking our drinks yourself for retail sale, having us at an event or sourcing them for regular personal use, please contact us with the form below and tell us how we can help.
If you'd like to source a culture to make you own probiotic drinks at home you can buy live culture supplies here.

About our range of drinks above:


(Pronounced ‘kom-BOO-cha’)

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage and could be described as refreshingly tart with a light effervescence and refreshing tang.

The tea is brewed with a naturally occurring acetic acid culture called a Kombucha SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast).

We give the Kombucha SCOBY organic sugar and organic teas as it feeds on sucrose and tannins, and then we add organic tisanes for great flavour, all made with our all-natural triple-filtered cloud juice, and in return the culture gives us a beautiful beverage rich in enzymes, minerals and beneficial acids, which are a great addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Because of this, Kombucha is making a stronger daily appearance in cafes and health shops so demand is constantly going up.


Flavours currently in production - Vanilla Chai / Berry fruit / Green Tea & Lime / Peach and Rose / Coffee

Ginger Beer - the orginal version and
New Zealand's only probiotic version.


Probiotic Ginger Beer

Our ginger beer is not a simple brew made with brewer’s yeast, nor is it the childhood-experiment style brew made with a mere ginger skin ‘Ginger Bug’; instead our special brew is made with a now-rare SCOBY culture called ‘Ginger Beer Plant’, or ‘DSMZ Strain 2472’ as it is known as at the Leibniz Institute – the German Culture Bank (yeah, apparently that’s a thing). Like the Tibi, this culture looks like crystals, but these ones are smaller, smoother, round, gelatinous, and nowhere near as prolific as the Tibi.

This culture has a mysterious past; its origins are possibly in Tibet, yet it somehow ended up in mainstream Britain for 200 years between the 18th and 20th centuries, becoming so popular it was most likely the ‘soda’ behind the old wive’s tale of ‘soda for an upset stomach’, but then it fell completely out of favour during World War 2 due to sugar rationing. Quite ironic really that its slow resurgence back into modern society is due to the kindness of the aforementioned German Culture bank, hmmm…

We feed the Ginger Beer Plant fresh and ground ginger, organic sugar and our triple-filtered cloud juice; in return it gives us the holy grail of ginger beer: a fizzy, spicy, refreshing and probiotic beverage – the goodness of Ginger AND probiotic flora - who would have thought a weird history lesson could taste so good?

Coconut Tibicos (Water kefir)


This is a sugar-free lifestyle-friendly version of the fruit Tibicos. We feed the Tibi grains 100% coconut water and in return it gives us …coconut water… but lacto-fermented with a wide spectrum probiotic content! Perfect for the Paleo or sugar-free lifestyle. Coconut tibicos has a rich tang and sometimes a light effervescence too which goes great in smoothies or juices as well as when drunk neat.

You will find this product for sale online, in selected stores and in limited numbers at the markets we attend.

Coconut water kefir

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